Joshua Tree Ranch

Our company started out just like most ideas do. It was a small little seedling that one of the owners of our company had way back when that blossomed into the amazing company we have put together today. If it weren’t for that small idea, hundreds of different employees wouldn’t have jobs and be the people that we are today. We have been locally owned and operated for over 25 years now and that allows us to have expertise on any project that one may bring us. We have one of the more unique stories when it comes to My Tree Services companies because we didn’t get to the sturdy and superb company that we are today without the help of a few certain people.


Over the years we made sure to incorporate the customers as much as possible to make sure that our services would keep them coming. We developed a staff of people that worked primarily with the customers after they worked with us. This allowed us to adjust and change our services each and every day to make sure that we provided the best tree service. For example, we always handed out surveys upon completion of one of our projects. If they found something annoying or bad about the service we provided them then they could write it down and turn it in. We always had our staff read them so we could make instant changes. If someone didn’t like the time slot we showed up or made available to them, we took the hit and made sure we could give people more options for us to come and work on their trees. The customers were always the most important part of our company and we took their feedback to heart regardless of what they said.  Each and every review that people left on google and made sure we could improve as a company with what feedback was left. This has been going on for over 25 years and we have learned so many different things from the customers that we think many companies are missing out on.

Tree Removal

Our unique story/way of working with people has landed us so many returning customers that we wouldn’t have normally gotten business from and this has allowed us to hand out way more jobs and become a better company overall. Our way of operating has worked for 25 years and should continue to work for years to come. Our story is definitely different than most and we took a much different route when it came to operating. We compare ourselves to different companies in order to improve as well. We’ve noticed over the years that most companies don’t entirely factor in the customer voice as much as us. We firmly believe that is one of the reasons we have had no problem staying afloat for 25 years. We take their voices very seriously and make sure to always keep their opinions above anyone at our company.